For Patent Attorneys and Agents:

My name is Patrick L. Sullivan. I have been providing patent-related services for over 40 years. (It has been somewhat of a patent-related family heritage, with a grandfather as an Examiner for 25+ years and my father a patent illustrator / researcher for 40+ years). Through the years, I have covered most patented technologies - mainly the mechanical arts and light and/or conceptual chemical, electronic and computer arts. I believe that I have a certain natural aptitude to the technologies and the library science in researching patents with the US and international classification systems and a great interest in how things work.

If you would like to request a search or other patent / technical services, or have questions about my services, call or E-mail at [email protected]. I believe that you will find my fees quite reasonable (and we try to work within your authorizations as required) and turnaround times are normally about 2-3 weeks, or best efforts are made on expeditious requests (due dates are taken seriously).

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